How To Watch UFC 168 Online…Legally

UFC 168 Fight Card: Anderson Silva VRS Chris Weidman
How To Watch UFC 168 Online…Legally

Legitimate Sources to Stream UFC 168 Over the Internet


UFC fans are chomping at the bit to watch tonight’s UFC 168 rematch between Weidman and Silva. There are multiple sources for viewing the fight legitimately, but with the exception of the early preliminaries, fans will need to open up their wallets. Here’s the breakdown of sources:

Early Preliminaries (web): Facebook
Early Preliminaries (Tablet/Mobile): Tablet/Mobile
UFC TV: UFC TV for $59.95 
Yahoo SportsYahoo Sports for $59.95 
YouTube: Watch on YouTube for $49.95 
Ustream TV: Ustream TV for $49.95 
Android Market: Download UFC TV App then purchase ticket to stream on a Mobile/Tablet device 
Blackberry: Blackberry While Blackberry has lost its once dominant market share, it remains in use by millions. Download the UFC TV app and subsequently purchase a ticket to stream the fight on a mobile/tablet device.
Apple: Download the UFC TV app then purchase a ticket for Apple iOS-based iPhones and iPads
Bars: Public bars While this method is not as convenient as streaming to a computer device, it is cheaper and the ambiance is sure to be festive. The UFC link will provide a list of local bars and pubs that will be telecasting the match.

UFC’s rising popularity gives fans multiple forms of access to enjoy what is sure to be a crowd pleasing matchup.

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