Tori Spelling Wedding Ring Absent In Recent Photo

Dean mcdermott Had Affair With Canadian Emily Goodhand: reports
Tori Spelling Wedding Ring Absent In Recent Photo
Tori Spelling Spotted without Wedding Ring

Tori Spelling is not doing very well heading into the upcoming year. First rumors began to swirl of financial problems following her and her husband Dean McDermott. Now, a bombshell story of infidelity emerges where her husband enjoyed a tryst with a Canadian actress. Spelling first blew off the rumors, but then the mistress, Emily Goodhand, stepped forward to discuss her relationship with McDermott.

The annual family Christmas card featured only the children which further fueled speculation that there was trouble in the household. Rumors abound that life for the couple is very strained. Now, paparazzi have snapped pictures of Spelling and her children leaving an Encino California Benihana restaurant. Spelling was not wearing her wedding ring. It is a small sign, but often times portends to a person feeling a separation in the relationship.

Publicly, Spelling puts on the front of all being well, but it is inconceivable that she would not feel wounded. Ms. Goodhand said that what fueled her relationship with McDermott was that he does not have sex with his wife. Spelling has four children with McDermott. Ironically, Spelling herself committed adultery when she started her relationship with her current husband. She was married to Charlie Shanian at the time.

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Tori Spelling Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring Amid Cheating Allegations

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