hillary Clinton haircut: Former First Lady Rocks New Do

hillary clinton haircut
hillary clinton haircut

Hillary Clinton haircut creates buzz


The new year came in with a bang – bangs that is as worn by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Her new hairstyle has sparked lots of comment since being publicly unveiled on Jan. 1. That’s when she attended the swearing in of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio by her significant other, Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton, 66, wore a black wool coat and leather gloves. That was cool, but what she wore on her head, namely a short bob with layered, bangs swept to the right and hanging across her forehead. This prompted fashionistas to note that her bangs crated the most bang since Michelle Obama rocked the look a year ago. The consensus was people liked the new hairstyle that was considered an improvement over her last, swishier look.

The look was inspired by Oscar de la Renta last July, according to the famous designer. De la Renta said he told Clinton she should cut her hair and add more bang for the look. At the time, she was secretary of state and joked that calling in a hairdresser to re-do her look while on assignment would mean Homeland Security had to conduct a background check.

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