James Cameron Wins Avatar lawsuit

James Cameron Victorious in Third Avatar Plagarism Lawsuit

Soon after James Cameron’s film Avatar became the entertainment industry’s highest grossing movie ever, Cameron found himself the subject of three lawsuits. Beginning three years ago, Cameron, who won an Oscar for “Titanic”, and Lightstorm Entertainment, were sued by individuals claiming that he had stolen their ideas for the film.

The first lawsuit charging plagiarism, brought by Gerald Morawski, was dismissed in February of 2013. Eric Ryder was the second individual who took Cameron and his studio into court over ownership of the Avatar ideas and he lost last December.

Bryant Moore was the third party to file a plagiarism lawsuit against the Oscar-winning director and that, too, was tossed out of court this month as well.

Moore was suing Cameron for a whopping one billion dollars, claiming that he stole ideas for Avatar from two of Moore’s screenplays, The Pollination and Aquatica. Moore presented evidence that it was easy for Lightstorm executives to have access to his ideas because he worked as an assistant on one of the studio’s films in addition to sharing them with an unspecified executive at Lightstorm back in 2003.

Cameron accused the plaintiffs who filed the lawsuits against him of “fortune hunting” for riches.

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