Justin bieber toxicology leaked: Had Weed, Pills In His System

Justin bieber toxicology
Justin bieber toxicology
Bieber’s Toxicology Report Is In

Pop star Justin Bieber’s drugged fueled and drag racing days are done, and the toxicology report proves it. Reportedly, during his arrest after an attempt at drag racing down a Miami strip; Bieber, 19, told the police officers that he had taken an anti-medication drug akin to Xanax and had smoked marijuana beforehand.

The combination of those two drugs were only found in his system after the urinalysis test results were brought to light. He has tested negative for common hard drugs like cocaine, meth and opiates. The prescription medication used during the fiasco was possibly given to him by his own mother, Pattie Mallette.

On Wednesday, the singer pleaded ‘not guilty’ for DUI, speeding, resisting arrest and driving without a valid driver’s license. Just a few hours after his release from jail he had turned himself in at a Toronto police station. This was due to an assault charge he had pinned on him during December after he allegedly hit a limo driver in the back of his head.

Thursday morning his father, Jeremy Bieber, shared a photo with twitter to show the masses that his beloved son is spending time with his half-brother and the rest of the family.

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Justin bieber toxicology

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