Kate Middleton Gets Makeover for Australian Tour

kate Middleton Dress Repeat Has Royal Watchers Talking
Kate Middleton Gets Makeover for Australian Tour
While it seems like everyone in the press is giving Kate Middleton kudos for the way she looks and her usual style, it seems that there is still someone in high places that doesn’t really like the way that she carries herself – the queen of England.

As a result, some sources are now reporting that The Queen will have her own personal stylists give Kate a makeover. Apparently the Queen Mother would like the Duchess to wear dresses and skirts that are longer as well as some sort of royal jewels, as the Queen is so fond of.

Reports are also saying that from now on, jewelry will become the most import part of Kate’s wardrobe. Of course, this ordered makeover isn’t going to change everything. Some of Kate’s favorite designers are working on the new designs – Alice Temperly and Alexander McQueen are both reportedly already on board.

This trip will definitely bring a major change to the way that the Duchess is perceived, but the question still remains whether this change will be for the better or for the worst – something that only time and the media will be able to determine in the end.

Kate Middleton Makeover for Australian Tour

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