Fans Angry After Beyonce accused of photoshopping thighs in Instagram Pic

Beyoncé is currently enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation following her “Drunk in Love” world tour which saw her perform 100 concerts with her grand finale in Lisbon, Portugal. The singer had actually gone on a strict vegan diet coupled with her high octane workouts for just over three weeks before kicking off her tour last April. Her objective was to drop some of the lingering baby weight and get herself back into her tiny shape to look her best for her fans.

Now that the tour is over some fans are accusing her of digitally altering her images by the use of Adobe Photoshop. The picture at the center of the mild controversy is a shot of her putting on the golf course green while barefoot. Her angle shows a clear thigh gap. What the fans are saying is that the image doesn’t look natural and they conclude it was the result of modifying the appearance of her legs to have a nicer appearing thigh gap. In fact, those critics are saying the photoshopping is obvious and poorly done. They are implying that Beyoncé herself did the altering. One such fan said that with her vast wealth, she could have hired a professional to do the work. However, it is most likely a legitimate photograph. As a result of her diet, she lost almost an eye-popping 3 stone 10 pounds (66 lbs or 30 kg). This put her back in a size two and definitely restored her leg gap.



@iman_abdulhadi: Haha photoshopped I guess. That thigh gap is bigger than mine omg

@Tashlara: “Some of Bey’s pics are photoshopped! But how do we even know if she posted this picture? She has lost a lot of weight and it wouldn’t surprise me, if this was how she really looks. Looking at both pics posted playing golf, her thighs look bigger in one then the camera gets her at another angle in the next photo. If it is photoshopped not a good look, Bey fans would love a true likeness of their Artist.”

@myfairmimsey: Seriously? As someone who sings about empowering girls and women, its a shame that you post pictures of yourself that are clearly photoshopped.

@annaelektrakoukis: where are beyonces legs?

@Maria Bee: really @Beyonce? we all love your thick thighs. NO reason to Photoshop a thigh gap in there..

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Beyonce accused of photoshopping thighs in Instagram

Beyonce accused of photoshopping thighs in Instagram

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