Justin Bieber offered big bucks for strip club adverts (PHOTO)

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Justin Bieber strip club adverts: Justin Bieber, strip clubs and a million dollars

The headlines Justin Bieber has made over the last couple of years have not been very favorable, but it is enough to keep his name relevant even though his teen idol status is fading into oblivion. The latest news on the teen star turned bad boy is that a strip club wants his face and lips to represent their company.

The Hustler Clubs sent a letter to Bieber pitching their idea for a marketing campaign that might include the baby faced singer kissing a lap dancer and a UK advertisement with a girl who is wearing little more than Union Jack attire. The letter further states that they are offering him $1 million for the venture as well as a huge birthday bash that includes his father. Hustler tells Bieber that fathers usually take their sons to strip clubs to celebrate turning 21 in the United States.

In January, reports flourished about the pop-star who paid out $75,000 in a strip club in Miami, FL. He was there celebrating the birthday of one of his friends. The club tweeted about Bieber flaunting his wealth in the club. They later said that he was a gentleman while he was there and he paid the women in large bills while enjoying the club atmosphere. He’s been seen in other strip clubs as well, including in Houston where a dancer said that Bieber touched her rear-end. This commercial gig may not be so far-fetched after all.

The idea of Bieber’s father attending the birthday bash might surprise some of his longtime fans because Bieber’s father has not been the shining example that the singer would like to pretend he was. He abandoned Justin and his mother when Justin was just a baby and has only recently resurfaced to be part of his life. Justin recently tweeted that he had the best father in the world and that he was his super hero. Many fans have posted comments discussing the potential problems with Bieber and his father being so closely knit these days.

Justin Bieber strip club adverts

Justin Bieber strip club adverts 2


Justin Bieber strip club adverts: Justin Bieber offered $1 million to appear in strip club ads 19

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