Miley Cyrus Posts A ‘There’s Something About Mary’ Selfie

Miley Posts A 'There's Something About Mary' Selfie
Miley Posts A ‘There’s Something About Mary’ Selfie

Miley Posts A Topless ‘There’s Something About Mary’ Selfie

In one of the most infamous scenes in movie history, Cameron Diaz’s character, Mary, in ‘There’s Something About Mary’ sports a ridiculous ‘do when she mistakes an unsavory substance for hair gel. This past Saturday, Miley Cyrus pays homage to the scene when posts a picture of herself sporting a similar style while posing topless. (

While sticking out her signature tongue, the former Disney child star posed topless in front of a mirror wearing only her underwear and using her arms to cover her lady bits. In an afterthought of modesty, Cyrus added a small digital octopus to cover a potential nip slip. ‘The Bangerz Tour’ starlet posted the picture while in Portugal on Instagram with the caption
‘#preshoweralfalfaselfielife’. She then posted another picture of herself laid out on a bed wearing only a skimpy black and white bikini and displaying more tattoos than usual with the hashtag ‘#postshowerinstagramwhoreselfielife’. (

Cyrus had spent the previous Thursday in Barcelona, Spain wearing a bit more clothes with a long-sleeved, pattern-happy mini dress and white sandals with her younger sister, Noah, where she enjoyed the sights and quality time with her sister. She posted a selfie of the two posing in a bathroom mirror with the caption ‘she so kiewt @noahcyrus #baffroomselfie’. (

Notorious twerker Miley Cyrus received a setback earlier this year when she experienced an acute allergic reaction to antibiotics. Due to the setback, Cyrus canceled several of her ‘Bangerz’ tour performances in the United States. In the middle of a 24-date tour in Europe, the tour has a mere four more performances left in Europe before it returns to the United States this coming August when she will perform the rescheduled dates. The following September and October has the prior ‘Hannah Montana’ star traveling to South America and Australia, respectively. (

Cameron Diaz in Something About Marry
Cameron Diaz in Something About Marry