Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Halloween has rolled around and you have your pumpkins home and ready to carve. Now what? Although traditional eyes nose and mouth are still fun to carve into your newly cleaned pumpkin, many websites offer you a free alternative that can add tremendous wow factor to all your spooky carved pumpkins.

Use a Stencil for a Detailed Pumpkin Design
Instead of caring your pumpkin the same old way this year, be adventurous and look for the creative pumpkin carving stencils online. They are free and printable. Just follow the stencil and you’ll have a one of a kind pumpkin in your window this year. To use a stencil for your pumpkin you’ll need a couple of different tools this year. The transfer tool is used to punch the holes along the lines designed on you stencil to make a very detailed carving. The second tool you’ll need is a little carving saw to carve the pumpkin from hole to hole.

Pick the stencil that you want to use and tape it onto the pumpkin. Taping it will keep it from shifting while you are punching the holes. Look at your stencil carefully because you’ll want to understand your design before you start punching the holes. Use the transfer tool, or a nail will do, and start punching along the lines. Punch deep enough through the pumpkin so when it’s time to saw those lines it will make it easier to cut through. Punch the whole design out. Then take the saw and cut the outside pieces of your design out. You will be left with a detailed design of the stencil that you picked out.

Stenciling designs onto pumpkins before carving is nothing new. You have been able to purchase stencils in the store for a while, but you only get one use from them, and there can be very little variety. These days, however, many websites offer you free stencils that you just print at home.

The website Zombie Pumpkins has a huge selection of zombie related stencils that are sure to cause a commotion. They offer very intricate designs that are quite impressive. This site does require you sign up with them to download the stencils though.

For a site with no sign up, you can try This site offers patterns for the younger crowd that include aliens, bats, cats, and even blues clues themed stencils! The Hershey candy company even has at page dedicated to pumpkin stencils.

The Hersey’s site has a huge collection of stencils that are separated into categories of easy, intermediate, and difficult. With all these options out there, you will never again have to settle for your boring pumpkin with his triangle eyes and simple mouth.

Choose from 13 different designs here. Don’t forget to check out page two for number 13. These patterns are perfect for a beginner, those short on time or those wanting to share quality time helping their kids have fun.

This link requires some medium range skills. If you have kids, you will love this site. This is a collection of Disney patterns.

For those seeking a challenge check out this site:
This site offers bone chilling skulls, Halloween icons and legends, too. Just take a look at the Elvira, Marilyn (yes, as in Monroe) or Lily Munster. For those looking for something a tad spookier, take a peak at the screaming skull if you dare.

Thanks to the convenience of the internet, you can find all sorts of free pumpkin carving patterns online. You can print them from your home and have a blast without spending a penny, other than buying your pumpkin of course.

Here are A couple cool pumpkin carvings that should inspire you.

Witch Brew (Flickr photo by De'Nick'nise)
Witch Brew
(Flickr photo by De’Nick’nise)
A Grave Feeling Lyndsey OConnell:
A Grave Feeling
Lyndsey OConnell:
The Scream
The Scream
The Scream
Hungry Pumpkin
Hungry Pumpkin
Mike From 'Monster's Inc' halloween pumpkin on hay
Mike From ‘Monster’s Inc’
halloween pumpkin on hay
Stitch Face
Stitch Face
Tiffany-Style Jack O'Lantern It's more like an intricate lampshade than your traditional jack o'lantern idea. Flickr photo by BrandiKorte.
Tiffany-Style Jack O’Lantern
It’s more like an intricate lampshade than your traditional jack o’lantern idea. Flickr photo by BrandiKorte.
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