Black Friday 2014 Deals Promise To Wow

Canadians Spent Big On Black Friday And Cyber Monday
Black Friday Canada 2014: Nearly 1 million Canadians to Skip Work To Shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

What Canadians May Find In Their Stockings This Year

On a gloomy November Day in the 1960’s police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were so horrified by the holiday shopping chaos that they witnessed, they called the day “Black Friday”.Despite its origins, both the media and retailers adopted the name to describe one of the busiest shopping days of the year, falling on the day after America’s Thanksgiving holiday. While Canada’s own Thanksgiving falls a little earlier on the calendar, Canadians have also adopted the last Friday in November as the start of the official holiday shopping season.

Do Canadians and Americans shop alike, too? Yes, say analysts. While shoppers in both countries are turning increasingly to the Internet and gift cards to fulfill their Santa duties, they’re still willing to bundle up and brave the crowds, especially for shopping bargains. What will they be standing in line for this year?

Canadians should hope there are no more power outages this winter, since many of them will be getting big screen plasma televisions this year. The lack of power will also make it hard to recharge all those smartphones, tablets, or watch a movie on that BluRay disc player.

That takes care of some children at heart, but what about the actual little ones? Parents may be tired of Disney’sFrozen, but they should let it go as their little princesses will be clamoring for dolls and costumes based on characters from the mega-hit. “Toys R Us” Canada expects Doc McStuffins and Transformers figures to be big sellers this year, as well as Minecraft for older children. There will be plenty of sales offered on PlayStation this season, but plenty of eager buyers too, so get to that Black Friday sale early.

And while it won’t be on sale on the 28th at Walmart, some shoppers will be heartened to know that charitable gift giving continues to be a popular option in Canada.