Kanye West Show Gets Cancelled, Fans Get Angry

kanye west show
kanye west show
Kanye fans crowded the street outside Webster Hall in Manhattan’s East Village.

Police dispersed close to 4,000 people who had gathered for what was supposed to be an overnight pop-up show by the rapper.

But things quickly got out of control.

One Kanye West Fan saying: “I saw people passed out. It was wild. I never experienced anything like it.”

West had dropped hints about the surprise concert when he made an unannounced appearance at another concert on Sunday.

The secret show was supposed to start at 2 a.m., and according to the rapper’s Twitter page, the show had sold out an hour beforehand. But the venue later tweeted there would be no show, leaving thousands of fans disappointed.

Another fan said: “I support Kanye in everything that he does, I buy his shoes, I buy his clothes, he’s dope, I love him.”

A fan added “I just want to see Kanye. I just want to see Kanye. Kanye!”

West reportedly made a brief appearance outside the venue before departing. His vehicle was chased by dozens of fans as it made its way out of the neighborhood.

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