Danielle Bregoli Inks Reality TV Deal (VIDEO)

Danielle Bregoli Inks Reality TV Deal
Danielle Bregoli Inks Reality TV Deal

Cash Me Outside” girl Bregoli has officially inked a deal for her very own relaity show – of course she has!–

The now 14-year-old just signed a deal with a major TV production company.

We’re told Danielle scribbled her John Hancock Friday for a reality show that will be loosely formatted, starring, of course, Danielle.

Nothing’s been shot, but we’re told producers are so confident they’re going to shop the concept and believe they can sell a series in the room. She’ll have some high-powered help — we’ve learned she’s signed with IMG’s original content department.

Last week in a video released online, Barbara Ann, 49, is seen wearing just a bra and pants as she yells as her daughter to give her phone back.

She screams at the youngster: “Give it to me bitch” and is seen forcing her down by the hair to a tiled floor.

The footage is said to have been filmed by a friend at the family’s home in Florida, US.

Police have been called to the address more than 50 times in the past year over domestic violence concerns, according to reports.

But Danielle told TMZ there was nothing to the incident, which she said dates from “almost three years ago”.

Bregoli Inks Reality TV Deal
Bregoli Inks Reality TV Deal

She said: “It wasn’t what it was at all. We were play fighting on the floor and I hit her too hard and so she kind of just pushed me on the floor – that’s all that happened.

Last month she was filmed in a scrap after one of her teen pals allegedly threw an ice cream at a bar patron.

Leaked security camera footage posted on YouTube of the incident appears to show the notorious teen with two pals.

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