Emma Thompson Felt Too Fat For LA

Emma Thompson too fat
Emma Thompson too fat

Emma Thompson has recently lost weight thanks to Kate Middleton’s dietician , but this is a far cry from the actresses.

The British actress took advantage of her visit to the Swedish talk show Skavlan to tell the daily life of women in the film industry, and in particular actresses. “The actresses are very thin and those in their thirties do not eat, quite simply. They do not eat, “she said.

The star of Love Actually also referred to France, which passed a law to prevent designers from hiring too thin models on the catwalk . “The French fashion industry said,” We’re going to get rid of zero size, “and they did not. There are some issues that need to continue to be talked about, and make noise around them, “she added.

A concrete example

In support of her presentation, Emma Thompson recounted an experience she had during a shoot. If she did not mention the name of the actress concerned, she did not hesitate to swing the name of the film. “I worked with a sublime actress on the set of Return to Brideshead and the producers told her,” Could you lose some weight? ” I replied, “If you talk to him again, in any way, I leave the film.” It’s demonic what’s going on, and it’s worse and worse, “Emma Thompson said.