Ontario Developed ‘Sperminator’ Game Promotes Safe Sex

Teaching teens about safe sex is not an easy task.

London Ont.’s public health unit got creative, creating a game to educate teens about safe sex. They produced a comic book-inspired game, “Adventures in Sex City,” with superheroes and an evil villain.

The villain, “Sperminator,” looks like a muscular wrestler with penises for arms. The superheroes are: Willy the Kid, Power Pap, Wonder Vag, and Captain Condom.

This interactive game examines a teen’s sexual health knowledge, answering a series of 25 questions related to sex.

Answering the questions correctly, allows the superhero to conquer the evil Sperminator. However, if they answer a question incorrectly, they get shot with sperm by the Sperminator.

A “condom shield” protects them if they answer correctly and allows the superhero to discharge the sperm back to the Sperminator.

The game has a two-player selection. This permits the parents to get involved and play alongside their teen. Another feature of the interactive website game is a “Myths Manic.” Here teens can discredit any false information they have heard from their peers.

Manager of sexual health at the Middle-London Health Unit, Shaya Dhinsa, stated that this game would grasp the interest of teens from 16-20 years of age as it is an interactive way to educate them about sex. She said, “[Teens are] challenging groups to reach in the fact that they’re being told what to do – where to go, how to do it, do it, don’t do it.”

To view this interactive game visit: healthunit.com/sectionList.aspx?sectionID=378.

Ontario Developed 'Sperminator' Game Promotes Safe Sex
Ontario Developed 'Sperminator' Game Promotes Safe Sex

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