Yoga is a commitment that you make to your body, your mind, and your spirit. This commitment is something that you should hold near and dear.

Going on holiday is not excuse to stop your daily yoga practice. Yoga should never be seen as exercise but rather as part of your daily ritual which enhances the quality of your life.


It is very easy to make excuses not to do yoga practice while traveling and you shouldn’t let yourself fall victim to these excuses. Yes, go and enjoy your vacation by all means but plan ahead and make a conscious decision to stick to your daily regime.


  • So your holiday is booked and you know exactly where you’re going to be and for how long. Do some research into a few facilities that may offer classes where you could take part. You never know you may make some life-long friends and learn a new pose or two at the same time.


  • Your holiday to the seaside is the perfect opportunity for you to take some time to appreciate the wonders of nature. The new smells, sounds, and sensations of your new surroundings will offer a refreshing change to your normal yoga routine. You may even attract a few interested beach goers to join you. The fresh, sea air is the perfect way to relax and obtain inner peace while on holiday.



  • What you do need to remember is that you are on holiday and this is your time to unwind and relax and recuperate and deviating from your physical yoga routine is sometimes necessary. Meditation is a huge part of yoga and is an option that could be used in order to achieve total relaxation and contentment.


  • There are certain things you can do to encourage meditation and they are quite easy to achieve. Put your legs up on the wall, Perform a quiet 5 minute meditation each morning, practice your breathing and controlling it so that your inhalations and exhalations are even, mindfulness and gratitude are great practices and it will become easier every day to simply list a few things that you are truly grateful for and lastly, your diary, this shouldn’t be a list of events that you took part in or things that happened during the day but rather a reflection on your thoughts and feelings during those events.


  • We all know the feeling far too well of having stiff muscles and sore bodies because of being cooped up in a car or on an airplane for too many hours. Come up with a list of a few poses you can use to stretch out your body and release tension from those aching muscles.


Practicing yoga while on holiday does not necessarily mean that you stick to your strict regime of physical Asana poses and practices every day.

Changing it up a bit and incorporating more gentle forms of yoga that are workouts for your mind and spirit, are perfect to help you relax and rejuvenate your body while on holiday. You want to get back to your daily life after this holiday, feeling as if you are a new person and ready to take on the world.