LCBO Recalls Vodka With 81% Alcohol

LCBO Recalls Vodka With 81% Alcohol
LCBO Recalls Vodka With 81% Alcohol (GEORGIAN BAY SPIRITS)
The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) has recalled bottles of vodka from the Georgian Bay distillery because of the high alcohol content.

According to the LCBO, the label on the bottles indicates that they contain 40% alcohol, while the concentration is actually 81%.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency explains that a lot of vodka, marked “Batch 19”, was bottled before normal dilution to obtain the desired percentage of alcohol. The Agency is continuing its investigation.

81% drinking can be hazardous to health and can cause serious problems.

Company spokesman Denzil Wadds said “the final blend was incorrectly executed” for the batch in question, resulting in 654 bottles of vodka with the higher concentration of alcohol.

“Of that, we know at least 300 are still in the LCBO warehouse and the remainder have been removed from the LCBO shelves,” Wadds said in an email.

“To ensure this never happens again we’ve had the distillery re-write their entire QA [quality assurance] procedures and we’re hiring a third-party quality assurance expert to evaluate the distillery to make sure every step has been taken,” Wadds said.

The bottles covered by the recall were removed from the LCBO shelves. Customers who have already purchased one can get a refund.