LCBO Recalls Canadian Vodka With 81 Percent Alcohol

Vodka bottles are recalled in Ontario because they contain twice as much alcohol as indicated on the label.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) reports that a batch of Georgian Bay brand vodka has 81% alcohol by volume. This batch had been bottled before the dilution reached the stated rate of 40% alcohol by volume, says the Board.

Christine Bujold of the LCBO stated that the spirit contained in this batch was not adequately diluted before being bottled. The error affected only this restricted number of bottles, she said.

The Crown Corporation indicates that it has removed all bottles produced from this lot 19 with an LCBO code of 446559. Consumers who have already bought it and holders of licenses on their shelves should return the Product recalled to any LCBO branch for a full refund.

The Georgian Bay Gin distillery, which makes the vodka, is cooperating with the authorities, she said.

The Ontario agency says at the same time that a drink with an alcohol content of 80% is dangerous and “could cause severe health problems”.

“There are alcoholic beverages in there that are so powerful but they are labeled properly,” said Bujold, adding that this is not the case for the lot removed from the shelves.

“With vodka, the label says it is (alcoholic at) 40%, then you could drink (this drink) without diluting it. But what you consume actually contains 80% (alcohol), and that’s where the risk lies. ”

No cases of health problems related to this labeling error were reported after consumption of the product, Ms. Bujold said.