Smart Condom: Yep Now There’s An App For That

There are activity trackers for all kinds of sports: running, swimming and even golf. These connected devices are used to help athletes train in order to strive for excellence in their field.

Toronto – The iCon is in this line, with the difference that the performance it measures does not make it possible to win an Olympic medal. With this product, the British Condoms company prides itself on being the first intelligent condom designers in the world.

The i.Con however is not really a smart condom. It is an adjustable and reusable ring intended to be worn around the penis, under a condom.

It allows to measure the number and even the velocity of the movements of the basin during a given session. He also calculates the calories burned and the duration of the frolics.

The statistics are then transmitted via Bluetooth and saved in a dedicated application for smartphone. Extroverted users can then share this information with the world. The more discreet ones will also be able to compare their statistics anonymously.

This product is not yet available in stores. However, its launch is scheduled for later this year and will retail for 59.99 pounds (about $ 99 CDN).

Smart Condoms Being Developed
Smart Condoms Being Developed
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