Alcohol and energy drinks: a cocktail that increases taking risks

Alcohol mixed with an energy drink would create an increased risk of injury. © NEWSCAST / SHUTTERSTOCK / SIPA
Alcohol mixed with an energy drink would create an increased risk of injury.

TORONTO – Who has never tasted a bad vodka- Red Bull lukewarm, paid way too much in a nightclub ? The cocktail of alcohol and energy drink, which has become so common in the evening, could well have more detrimental effects than one thinks. In any case, this is the conclusion of a Canadian meta-analysis published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs , which compares 13 studies carried out between 1981 and 2016. “The studies included in the review were those that quantified The relationship between the use of energy drinks and the risk of injury compared to alcohol alone, “  scientists said. Several themes have been examined,

A boost effect

What scientists point out is the large concentrations of caffeine and other stimulants in these beverages, which would have a contradictory effect with alcohol. Indeed, if alcohol tends to fall asleep, energy drinks give wings. “It is believed that the increased risk of energy drink injury is due to both increased alcohol consumption and decreased perceived poisoning. Some researchers have developed the theory that the effects Stimulants of energy drinks could mitigate the depressant effects of alcohol, masking sedative physiological and psychological experiences . Precisely, according to scientists,

Studies that swim against the current

In 2013,  Sciences et Avenir  reported on  the roster of Peter Miller, an Australian addiction psychologist at Deakin University (Victoria, Australia), published in the  British Medical Journal  (BMJ). Faced with these studies judging harmless alcohol / energy drinks harmless, he denounced either methodological problems or close links between researchers and industrialists. In Great Britain, for example, the Committe on toxicity (COT)  argued that there was no evidence of dangerousness of these cocktails.Problem, it was based on a meta-analysis of a Dutch expert funded by Red Bull . With this research, the results support, on the contrary, The association between alcohol and energy drinks results in risky intake and increased exposure to injuries. Even if scientists admit: “A great variability in the results of damage and methodology makes it difficult to determine the extent of this risk.”  Hence the importance of continuing the work.

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