Chicago doctors successfully operate on child who was born with four legs and two spines


Dominique, 10 months old and originally from Ivory Coast, Africa, was born with a twin parasite in her body. The minor recovers favorably after having undergone a surgery in which they managed to remove the two extra legs.


CHICAGO, Illinois. At only 10 months old, little Dominique already faced a challenge of life and death, and is that she came to this world with four legs and two vertebral columns.

Originally from Ivory Coast, Africa, the little girl was born with a strange medical condition, as she had a parasitic twin in her body, so the lower half of her twin, which did not fully develop, stood out in her body and in her back.

Early in March, the child traveled to Chicago to undergo major surgery at Advocate Children’s Hospital. Five surgeons and more than 50 health professionals helped to realize what appears to be a miracle.

“The main risk was paralysis. The shape of his anatomy made any slight pressure or slight movement on the upper part of his body will end his ability to move, “said John Ruge, a pediatrician and neurosurgeon at the hospital.

According to doctors, his condition not only jeopardized his mobility, in addition, would have forced his small heart and lungs to perform their duties twice, shortening their hopes of life.

Today the radiant smile of Dominique confirms the success of an operation carried out last March 8, that lasted more than six hours, and in which they managed to remove the two extra legs. As for the double spine, a reconstruction process was carried out that will allow Dominique to lead a normal life.

On March 13, the girl was discharged and recovered favorably with a foster family in Chicago.

“I saw a photo of Dominique with her mother and I felt a very big connection, I thought she was a very brave mother to send her daughter to the other side of the continent to be treated,” said Nancy Swabb, who has become the temporary mother Of the girl in Chicago.

Swabb says he heard the case through a non-profit organization.

For Mara Swabb, also Nancy’s adopted daughter, this act of love is a life lesson.

“This teaches me to show compassion for people who may be different from me and that you can be a good person with people you do not know,” she said.

Dominique is expected to return to her native Africa in two weeks, where she will be reunited with her parents and siblings awaiting her soon return home.

With information from Jesse Echeverría.

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