Is It Possible for the Canadians to live without the grid? Saving Your Bills


This question might sound too lame as it is almost impossible to live without electricity. Most of you might be thinking that living without the grid is staying in a cottage on a lovely weekend, or going for a camping trip with no cell service. You might also think of living in the deep forest of Canada where the only source of cooking food is wood and access to water is a lake.

Well, the actual meaning of living without grid is using the alternatives. It is taking control over the incessant rise of the electricity bills and at the same time reducing the pollution caused by using non-renewable energy resources.

How can you save your bills?

Of course, it is not an easy task to cut off from hydro companies and bring down the soaring bills. There has to be a smart way to save a good sum of money. Yes, there are alternatives like using solar energy to light up your house.



Get some basic knowledge about how to use solar energy

There has been a growth in using solar panels as people have started realizing the importance of conserving the environment and at the same time cutting down the ever-rising bill costs.

Solar panels can be used in churches, apartment buildings, etc.

How does a solar panel work?


Photovoltaic cells are fitted on the south facing roof. What is the work of these cells? These cells help in collecting solar energy and converting it into electricity. There will be an inverter that will convert it into an alternative current. This type is used in homes.

There will be a net energy meter that will track the energy used. The unused energy is restored in the electrical grid. During cloudy days you may use it off the grid as normal. You require batteries to store unused energy.

You need to examine how much electricity you use to ensure that you don’t run the batteries dry.

The price of setting up solar panels is pretty costly with a starting price of $10,000. Once you install it you can forget about the monthly bills. Also, solar panels start depreciating after 25 years which means there is no cost of repairing. You also need not worry about the power cuts.

Is it worth using solar energy?

It is worth using solar panels to cut the cord between the hydro company and you. However, you need to consider the cost before installing solar panels. Also, it works great during springs and summers. But what will you do during winters?

You need to have enough space to install solar panels in case you want to go off the grid throughout the year.

It is appealing to live without a hydro bill, but you also need to think that living on the grid offers more reliability.

You can use solar panels to light up your home and garden and for heating water. In this way you won’t be totally relying on hydro power.

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