Petro-Canada stations running out of gas in Alberta

Petro-Canada stations

Petro-Canada stations

 Petro-Canada stations in Winnipeg are now running out of gas.

Suncor, the parent-firm of Petro-Canada, blames the shortage on refinery and distribution problems because of the wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The worst part of all is  no one knows when the tanks will be refilled.

Gas expert Dan McTeague from tells AM 680, it’s not just a Winnipeg problem either.

“So this may very well extend form BC’s interior all the way to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The longer it goes of course it puts more pressure on the other three refineries,” he said.

The following Petro-Canada stations confirmed Sunday afternoon that they were sold out of gasoline:

• 935 Victoria Avenue

• 1919 Fleet Street

• 2020 Coleman Crescent

• 481 Albert Street

As CTV reports, other stations, including 2304 Albert Street, still have premium gasoline. These stations are charging the regular price for premium gas.

Notices at the stations say locations are currently out of gasoline. They say it is a temporary situation.

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