Provincial Gambling Regulations


Canada  hardly can be called a leader in the gambling industry and this is because gambling here is regulated by each province instead of by Federal government. This lack of clear regulation between provinces  is why some Canadians prefer live online casinos versus the (sometimes) boring land based betting options.

Provincial Regulations:

In Alberta, the amount of tax money collected by the province from VLTs and local casinos is significantly less than other provinces. Alberta is a province that offers very little in the level of problem gambling assistance and this shows with the small amount of taxes that is collected, which could be applied towards problem gambling. This is especially low compared to BC which has optimized the amount of taxes collected from BC casinos..

In British Columbia, outside of the regular income tax there is a special gambling tax of 10%. This money is reinvested into the community. They also strictly regulate all forms of gambling in the province including lotteries and government operated casinos. This is the reason many people still turn to the internet for live casino games, which is allowed only on the portal of BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corp).

Quebec as in many other things operates things a little bit differently. There local provincial laws are designed to prevent problem gambling as well as to be a large revenue generator for the province. The number of lottery tickets as well as scratch and win tickets is significantly higher than anywhere else in the country. Quebecor’s are also the biggest gamblers in the country.

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