VIDEO – Two Toronto Students Launch A Lego Man Into Space

Two 17-year old Canadian teenagers, Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, crafted a weather balloon and sent a plastic astronaut made of Lego pieces into space.

A video of the event shows segments of the journey which lasted for a little more than an hour and half.

By the end of the video the Lego man is shown holding a Canadian flag out in space. According to reports, the two teenagers used four cameras, a helium filled balloon and a cell phone equipped with GPS technology to capture the images and the voyage.

In addition, they used a parachute made of nylon. The parachute was used to ensure that the Lego man would return back to Earth without any hitches.

It was Ho who first approached his friend Muhammad with the idea. They had learned of similar projects by students in the United States and Britain and had a feeling their idea would be a success.

Mathew and Asad went online to search for inexpensive cameras. They sewed the parachute themselves. Reportedly, neither Ho nor Muhammad had any sewing experience.

According to reports, it took several months of preparation time before the final launch was made. The materials needed for the project was less than $500.

Two Toronto Students Launch A Lego Man Into Space
Two Toronto Students Launch A Lego Man Into Space

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