5 year old Finds Dinosaur: Little Girl Honored With Huge Find (PHOTOS)

Daisy Morris, Dinosaur Hunter via BBC
Daisy Morris, Dinosaur Hunter via BBC
What Would You Name Your Dinosaur?

How many archeologists work for years hoping to make a new discovery? Well 5-year-old amateur dinosaur hunter Daisy Morris put many of them to shame when, back in 2008, she made her own discovery of a previously unknown species of dinosaur.

According to MSN, Morris was on a walk with her family on Atherfield Beach on the Isle of Wright in the U.K. when she discovered this 115-million-year-old fossil, dating back to the lower cretaceous period.

Mum Sian, 44, said: ‘She is fascinated by it.

‘If we are in the car and we go past an animal that has died, she’ll ask me to stop so we can pick it up and she can take it home.

‘She’ll put them under a crate in the garden and let it decompose.

‘The flies lay eggs and maggots clean the skeleton, then she collects the bones.

‘If your child is good at drawing or dancing and they enjoy it, then you encourage them and this is what Daisy enjoys, so her Dad and I have never said eurgh, we’ve tried to encourage her.

‘Rather than say that’s disgusting, we’d like to help her find out about things.
She’s fascinated and we’re very proud of her.’

Dinosaur expert Martin Simpson at the University of Southampton, who confirmed the find, says, “The fossil turned out to be a completely new genus and species of small pterosaur… which because of the island’s eroding coastline, would without doubt have been washed away and destroyed if it had not been found by Daisy.”

After extensive review, paleontologists finally announced this new dinosaur to be called, Vectidraco Daisymorrisae, “vectidraco” meaning dragon from the Isle of Wright, with the rest of the title having come from the founder’s name.

The find has been donated to London’s Natural History Mueseum, and Morris, now 9, has her own little museum going on in her bedroom which, Enstars reports, includes an emptied turtle shell and the jaws of what appears to be a shark.

Check out the gallery below for more photos.

The findings were finally published this Monday.

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