We’re Screwed! Hawking Says Earth Is Doomed, Need New Planet

We're Screwed! Hawking Says Earth Is Doomed
We’re Screwed! Hawking Says Earth Is Doomed
Physicist Hawking Says Earth’s Humanity Doomed

Stephen Hawking, the physicist who has become one of the world’s outstanding experts on how the universe operates, says that he doesn’t expect the human race on planet Earth to survive the next 1,000 years.

The only thing that can save humanity from being doomed is to continue space exploration, insists Hawking.

“We must continue to go into space for humanity. We won’t survive another 1,000 years without escaping our fragile planet,” he said

“To understand the universe at the deepest level, we have to understand why is there something rather than nothing,” Hawking told those in attendance, via The Independent. “Why do we exist? Why this particular set of laws, and not some other? I believe the answers to all of these things is M-theory.”

The 71-year old scientist made his dire prediction during remarks at Los Angeles’ Cedar Sinai Medical Center where Hawking had been invited to tour the facility’s stem cell research laboratory.

Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, a devastating neurological disorder back in 1963, and despite his medical condition, has gone on to an award-winning career as a scientist, author and lecturer. He has survived and managed to thrive longer than many other individuals with ALS.

In his remarks in Los Angeles, Hawking characterized Earth’s condition as “fragile” and encouraged continued exploration of the worlds beyond this one.

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18 thoughts on “We’re Screwed! Hawking Says Earth Is Doomed, Need New Planet

  1. israel morales

    - Edit

    yes i agree but his time spand may be a little off give or take a little and the primary reason for our doom is free interprise, the rich and to many poor.

  2. For good reason, many respect this man’s opinion. And so it is with all due respect that I believe that he’s far too optimistic, by a factor of ten, if not one hundred. For more on why see @chachomanopapa on Twitter.

  3. Charles Kramer

    - Edit

    Well golly gee!!!!! This is the same Stephen Hawking that suggested there is no God? I regret his ALS, I truly do, but we don’t even have a material strong enough to withstand the speed necessary to travel to the nearest perhaps habitable planet given that we would have to travel at the speed of light to get there. Rather that tuck tail and run, perhaps we should fix the current lunacy on this planet by living prudently and stop treating our planet like a playground for a bunch of greedy politicians and money mongers who harbor the mindset of ‘lets leave it to the next generation’…’I am not going to spoil my fun’. No doubt I disagree with Dr. Hawking or his recent dramatic comments about God and now the end of the world. Perhaps the groundwork for a new book is in the works and these sound bites are merely just that. Yes I do think there are things wrong with our planet and I don’t really disagree with a prudently managed and perspective balanced NASA. But even greater effort must be spent on current known problems such as global warming, rainforest (deforestation), etc. By the way, I have not seen any scientific data on the part of Dr. Hawking or others proving that there is not a God. I see evidence of God every single day and in fact, the hand of God is responsbible for the very technology that helps not only Dr. Hawking but many others as well. One-thousand years???….NO!!!

    1. Yea just gotta say your wrong in everything youve said and quite plainly the essence of ignorance your long winded comment goes unnoticed by all in this article

      1. Charles Kramer

        - Edit

        Apparently it didn’t go unnoticed! But what a profound comment you make!What are you afraid of?

        1. Susan Overland

          - Edit

          Mr. Kramer you are totally correct with your comments. Thanks for sharing your keen insight. As for the person who said no one was reading what you said….it doesn’t make sense. He did!!! He is what we call not very bright!!!

  4. HEY Y’ALL!!! Check out”100 Year Starship” on your search engine. We may have a slight chance.

  5. katherine murphy

    - Edit

    yes, we have systematically destroyed earth. but when we find a planet that can sustain humans, will we be any different? will we treat existing entities any different than we have treated amerindians or maori peoples to name just two? will we take our universal arrogance into whatever the future holds? in view of our history do we deserve the right to a place to continue our destructive ways?

  6. i do not smoke tobacco, or anything else. those who think that we humans will move to another planet are having their ‘pipe dream’!
    we will ‘grow’ and abuse the planet to our doom. the planet will survive as will we, however we will be in small groups as we were three million years ago.

  7. There’s no place + we have no funds or time

    World ruled by supply and demand: In 1800 the world had 1 billion people now 7 surpassing planet’s sustainability for jobs, food
    Humans cause climate change and we must address the causes
    Pres. Clinton “civilization won’t survive THIS century”
    63% of deaths are due to incorrect diets. 50% of warming due to agribusiness . Changing diet improves health, stop warming and fund to repair environment and for family planning within 8 yrs

    j Hensen Ted talks
    L.Brown Plan B4

  8. Each organism prospers within a niche. Each organism exploits the resources within that niche until there are none left. At that point there are 2 options, evolve to exploit a new niche or die. Human’s niche is global. We will consume all the resources available globally. At that point we have 2 choices, evolve or die. For the religious minded, sure, dying may be caused by God. We don’t know why it works this way so that is as good an argument as any. Doesn’t change the end result. People either have to move on or cease to exist at some point. But no one knows when. I think 1000 years is rather arbitrary. I don’t believe Stephen means that specifically. He means fairly soon in a galactic timescale.

  9. Susan Overland

    - Edit

    To Mr. Lipe: This is why education is so important. Christianity has not done any damage to our planet but I can’t say the same about science and technology parts of which have had devastating consequences for our planet. At least for some, the scientific model is to destroy and move on. That is not what Christianity is about. The shallowness of many though is a refusal to coexist in an academic setting that supports both Christianity and science.

    1. Susan,
      Precisely, because of religion, we have exponential population growth which is the root cause of the inminent destructon of life within this century.
      The Catholic Church cares for the poor, and has been key for civilization.
      Unfortunately, their stand against contraception negates all efforts made, for this creates poverty, illiteracy and hunger which will lead to revolutions, war and devastation.
      The natural destruction of our solar system in millions of years is a phenomenon that by the time this happens, humanity and life would have become extinct way prior.

      It is alarming to see how religion negates the need for contraception that is KEY to stop global warming that in mid century will cause complete thawing of the permafrost. It is because of this we are DOOMED NOW, not in millions of years.

    2. SUSAN,
      Christianity and many religios have contributed to civilizing, however, their refusal to accept contraception IS THE ROOT CAUSE of overpopulation & enviromental desolation. In a world of limited resources, humans like a plague, are eating it out of house and home.
      UNLESS religion changes its view on contraception. ALL science warns that unless we take steps to stop global warming, civilization will end by the end of THIS CENTURY. That is millions of years before the solar system collapses.
      We are more interested in making a dollar for NOW, for we are tuaght to think in terms of growth, shich is unsustainable, dooming future generations.

      1. Susan Overland

        - Edit

        I can relent that you have a point regarding controlling population growth and birth control. Many Catholics, etc., control the amount of children they have quite handily with birth control…albeit….not necessarily the rules. There are many though who still have multiple children for the revenue they generate. Still, population growth can also be linked to medical breakthroughs and subsequent increased longevity. Nature also has had an unusual way of dealing out mass casualty through disease which years ago would not have been treatable. I think religion and science could go along way if they would just meet in the ;middle. Somehow I think the world would be much better off.

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