Wal-Mart drops iPhone Prices: iPhone 5c for $79 and the iPhone 5s $189

Wal-Mart drops iPhone Prices: iPhone 5c for $79 and the iPhone 5s $189
Wal-Mart drops iPhone Prices: iPhone 5c for $79 and the iPhone 5s $189

Wal-Mart drops iPhone prices

With the iPhone 5c and 5s scheduled to go on sale sept. 20th Wal-Mart has once again lived up to their slogan (Rollback Prices).

At a media event earlier this week Apple revealed its new line of smartphones this will all come with a rollback. Wal-Mart the worlds largest retail chain who has always been known for its rollback prices announced their plans to sell the new iPhone 5c for $79 and the iPhone 5s $189.

This price will require you to sign a 2 year contract agreement which makes this discount price tag 20 percent cheaper than anywhere in the U.S. for the 5c model and $10 cheaper for the 5s. The iPhone 4s will now be sold for $0.97 and the iPhone 4 will go for $0.10 and with this item you also receive a $100 gift card so with the new discounts Wal-Mart will practically give away the older models.

Apple typically does not allow retailers to to set their own iPhone prices, so how exactly did Wal-Mart do it:

Business Week explains:

Apple typically sets a minimum advertised price with retailers that isn’t a requirement but is a strong suggestion. The tech giant then promises to kick in a tidy financial incentive in the form of marketing dollars if the retailer keeps its gadget prices at that level or above. There have even been reports of Apple cutting off supplies to stores that strayed below the sticker-price threshold. The system ensures that small retailers won’t be undercut by big-box stores willing to squeeze margins or even take a loss. It also helps make sure every retailer is on a par with the prices in Apple’s own retail stores.

Neither company is saying much about the fine details of their deal

A Wal-Mart spokeswoman, Sarah McKinney, said she was unfamiliar with Apple’s incentives to retailers to keep prices high. Wal-Mart’s lower iPhone price tags, she said, are strictly a Wal-Mart decision.

“Honestly, it’s just our business model,” added McKinney. “We leverage our expenses so we can invest in price.”

So if you ever wanted to own a iPhone and just didn’t want to pay the lofty price tag now this will be your chance. With the new iPhone rollback there is only one thing that we can take from this is that Wal-Mart is flat out the reigning king when it comes to rollback prices.

The deal is only available At U.S. Wal-mart Stores

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