Flappy Bird Making a Comeback!

Flappy Bird Making a Comeback!
Flappy Bird Making a Comeback!
According to a March 19th tweet by 29-year-old Vietnamese programmer Dong Nguyen, the creator of the viral sensation Flappy Bird, his popular free game will be making a comeback some time in the future. He stated he would bring it back, but “not soon” and that he would “release it when it is done.”

Nguyen, after warning fans first through Twitter, pulled Flappy Bird from the Apple App Store and Google Play on February 10, 2014. He apologized and stated, “I cannot take this anymore.” After its removal, some people became so upset because they couldn’t download it that they threatened him and self-harm.

In a “Forbes” interview on February 11, Nguyen stated that the game was originally released last May to be a relaxing break, but he discovered this year that it’s addictive and chose to pull it. In last week’s “Rolling Stone,” Nguyen stated he received numerous complaints from people who said that it ruined their lives or the lives of people they knew, including children and families. He also confirmed that his sudden success because of the game was adversely affecting his life. Paparazzi had become a severe problem. He also noted that the issues surrounding the game ruined his “simple life.”

The core mission in Flappy Bird is to keep the bird in the air by repeatedly tapping the screen. If the bird falls, then it hits obstacles. The game became so popular this year that Nguyen made at one point approximately $50,000 a day from in-app advertising revenues. He continues to make tens of thousands of dollars from in-ad revenues via previous downloads.

He revealed to “Rolling Stone” that the future Flappy Brid app will have a special “take a break” warning.

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