Bell Is Fastest ISP In Canada According to Netflix Data

Netflix Tests Internet Service Provider Speeds in Canada
Netflix Tests Internet Service Provider Speeds in Canada

Canadian Telecom Bell Canada Tops Netflix’s List of Fastest ISPs

Toronto, Ontario – In the surest sign of how prominent internet streaming service Netflix has become, smart appliances such as internet capable DVD players, smartphones, tablets, etc. must include a Netflix app or they hardly qualify as multimedia devices. In addition, customers want to know which internet service providers offer the best speeds for streaming Netflix. Part of the thrill of using such a service is the ability to watch video content on demand. No one wants pauses or choppy displays in that experience due to lack of bandwidth from their ISP.

Now, Netflix has published their listing of how well ISP have fared in this North American nation and topping the list for the fastest response was Bell Canada or BCE. BCE is one of the nation’s big three telecom providers alongside Telus and Rogers. So just how fast was BCE’s Fiber Optic service for Netflix video streaming? They came in at an average of 3.19 Mbps. Put another way, BCE along came up nearly 50% higher than what the average American gets on a DSL service at 2.33 Mbps. In fact, you’d have to go to Northern Europe to get comparable speeds. Denmark came in at 3.167, Sweden clocked in at 3.21 Mbps, and Holland topped the list at 3.49 Mbps.
Here’s how Canadian ISPs ranked on Netflix’s speed test:
Bell Aliant (fibre optic network)
Bell (DSL)
SakTel and Bell Aliant (DSL)

Notable is that fact that the other “big three” telecoms performed poorly with Rogers being dead last with a paltry speed of 1.67 Mbps. The average speed across all Canadian ISPs was 2.52 Mbps which beats out the United States.

A few additional data points from the April update of the Netflix ISP Speed Index:

  • In the US, the average speed on the Comcast network for Netflix streams continues to increase, averaging 2.77Mbps in April. Comcast now has the third slot in our major ISP ranking, behind Cablevision – Optimum and COX.
  • In Latin America, Telecentro has taken the lead in Argentina, unseating Claro, while inCosta Rica Tigo Star has passed Japi for the top spot and in Ecuador TV Cable ceded the lead to Telconet.
  • In Europe we saw continued improvement on Telenor ISPs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden while in Ireland we saw increased performance on UPC.

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