“The Beast” Asteroid is Making its Debut near Earth This Weekend!

Quick, hide your kids! Hide your wife! This asteroid nicknamed “the Beast” will fly past Earth at 31,000 mph around 1:56am on June 8th. This massive rock is over 20 times bigger than the one that touched down in India a couple of months ago. It is over 1,100 feet across and that alone is enough to scare most people in big cities.

Have no fear because this rock is going to be passing a safe distance from us very shortly.The sad part about is that NASA’s detection satellites did not even catch this rock until it was less than a month away from a possible showdown with our atmosphere. One would think that with all of the current technology available; there would be an asteroid warning system in place. We have a tornado warning siren, an earthquake monitor,a hurricane warning system, a tsunami warning system, and other warning systems but yet no asteroid warning system.

Luckily for our planet, it is not the biggest rock ever to hit us; the one that wiped out our Jurassic park friends takes the cake on that one. If you ever see something streaking across the night sky; it is better to take cover as soon as possible. Sit down with your family and create an emergency contingency plan of where you will be staying in the event of an explosion. It is important also to consider your communications needs as some cell towers will not be operational at all if a major strike occurs within your area.

What would a asteroid warning system look like?

A warning system would be proactive in nature with a light flashing on top of power poles directing people away from the possible impact danger zone. It can be a system of red and white lights leading away from the possible center of impact. The best warning still remains preparation in advance of the situation.

"The Beast" Asteroid is Making its Debut near Earth This Weekend!
“The Beast” Asteroid is Making its Debut near Earth This Weekend!

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