Google Glasses to Go On Limited Release in Canada – Maybe

Google Glasses to Go On Limited Release in Canada - Maybe
Google Glasses to Go On Limited Release in Canada – Maybe
TORONTO – Google’s once ballyhooed revolutionary glasses called “Google Glasses” have still not made it to a general release. Only select participants are using the glasses in a beta test program. That said, Google is taking advantage of the hype over the glasses to literally have beta testers pay for the privilege of field testing their product. The computerized glasses are sold at $1,500 for a pair.

Still, word has gotten out that a limited release might actually occur in Canada. If true, this would mark the first time that the glasses were available anywhere outside the United States. One of Google’s “beta testers” by the name of Brian Buquoi reported that his unit included a card displaying a unique registration number for Canada. It also displayed a notice that Industry Canada had approved the glasses for sale. Attempts to get Industry Canada to either confirm or deny the rumor have not received a response.

Google Glasses themselves are undergoing a transformation with a deal reached earlier this year with Italian company Luxottica to design the frames. Luxottica, who sells the upscale frames called Ray-Ban, will also use their distribution channels to sell the glasses. However, no formal release date has been announced.


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