UFO Sighting In San Diego California, More Low Quality Proof Of Aliens!

SAN Diego – Is this the beginning of an alien invasion?

In San Diego, California, Larry Fox was able to capture video of a string of multi-coloured lights.

Fox, along with other witnesses, said the lights seemed to be red, blue, and green and kept flashing and changing colors.

“It looked like a strobe light,” said Fox.

‘It was a series of flashing lights”

‘If it was a plane it would have moved’.

One YouTube user said:

Like most UFO videos low quality, cant tell much just lights in the sky. If ETs are real and want contact it will be clear without a doubt on daylight. Not some ambiguous lights at night.

Another user things the lights are a zeppelin:

It’s called a “zeppelin”, dumbasses (sic). You can even see the windows in the cabin. You motherfuckers are pathetic with this UFO/Alien bullshit.

The strange phenomenon was also captured by an NBC 7 reporter and photographer, who were covering a story on Tuesday night.

The station said they attempted to contact the nearby military to try and get some answers about the strange occurrence, but so far, no response.

UFO Sighting Over San Diego (VIDEO)
UFO Sighting Over San Diego (VIDEO)
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6 thoughts on “UFO Sighting In San Diego California, More Low Quality Proof Of Aliens!

  1. Its not a ufo…..its something the military are testing….ufos dont need lights especially safety flashing ones.

  2. San Diego is home to one person with a phone that has a camera? When the Chelyabinsk meteorite had fallen hundreds of video entries. Here we see just one entry made through the glass window. You speak of other eyewitnesses. Show me another video of this phenomenon. I did not find those on the Internet.

  3. The problem is every time something mysterious is spotted in the sky, everyone just shrugs it off as a weather balloon or drone. However, the US or world powers never had drones a hundred years ago but these same light-changing objects have been documented from many different times and places. How could a drone from 2015 appear in 1945?

  4. Zeppelin’s aren’t invisible. . What bothers me is what if this thing is actually bigger and we can’t see the rest and the stuff around the lights is merely idk a firing mechanism? That saying it in fact aliens. I could be wrong but it’s all speculation. These lights are popping up in greater number since last year. We could easily get attacked anytime like in the middle of the summertime of this year. Doesn’t leave us much time to prepare. However, I think if we kept firing at whatever was shooting at us. We’d be able to pick them off slowly. I don’t think it would be something we’d hide from. It’s just the feeling of being under equipped while trying to find a way to turn it off.

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