Farmer Eaten By Massive Python (PHOTO)

Farmer python
Farmer python

An Indonesian missing has been found dead in the belly of a seven-meter python who swallowed him, said a local official of the Southeast Asian archipelago.

Akbar, 25, had left his house Sunday in Mamuju, on the island of Sulawesi (center), and had not returned home. Worried, his family had alerted the police. After the discovery of the python with a big stomach the next day in the surroundings, the relatives of Akbar immediately thought that it had been swallowed by this snake of the tropical forests, said a person in charge of Salubiro, a nearby village.

The python was located near an oil palm plantation of the family and had difficulty moving due to its large belly, added the official, Junaidi, who has only one surname as many Indonesians .

“We immediately thought that the snake had swallowed Akbar because around the site we found palm fruit, the tool he used to harvest and a boot,” said the official.

Villagers then tried to kill the motionless reptile. After an hour, they cut the skin of the snake and found inside the whole young man.

“The victim was probably swallowed on Sunday because his body was already swollen when we found him,” he added.

In the 1990s, a python was discovered in the same area, but nobody had ever been swallowed by a snake before, Junaidi observed.

In 2013 in Bali, a guard was killed by a python in a beach hotel on the most touristy island in Indonesia.

Warning: Video has disturbing content