Petco Park flooded: Crews Scramble To Save Field

Petco Park flooded
Petco Park flooded

According to media reports Monday, strong rains covered much of the field at Petco Park in water.

While the rain could not be drained fast enough, officials said there was no real damage caused to the field.

Here’s the Padres’ official explanation:

San Diego Padres spokeswoman Shana Wilson told FOX 5 an amount of rain had fallen so quickly the drainage was slow to keep up. Field crews do not anticipate any damage from the standing water.

As of Tuesday evening, officals at the park said flooding was no longer an issue, and the groundskeepers are already laying down sod in preparation for the World Baseball Classic. Here’s proof from Petco’s Twitter handle:

Officials said the flooding won’t change the timeline for laying sod in preparation for the World Baseball Classic in mid-March.

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