Want to delete the awkward searches you make on Google?


Google has an eye on you.

No matter what you search whether it is a DIY project or questions related to personal health, Google acts as a sleuth and keeps all the information to itself. Why does Google save everything? It is done to show you personalized advertisement.

Here is the good news. Google has uncovered a tool that allows you to see how much information it has about you and also enables you to delete the embarrassing searches.

What is the name of the new tool?

The name of the new tool is called “My Activity”. This tool will show you a list of your activities in a particular order. Wondering what all activities will it show up? It will show up your Google map data, YouTube history, and anything that is linked to your Google account. You may also take a look at your personal database where you might have asked some specific queries.

The types of data that Google collects

These are the following types of data that Google mostly collects-

  • Your personal information– If you have said that green is your favorite color while creating an account on Google, then this particular information will be remembered by Google! Your personal information includes anything that you have told Google while making an account. Your name, email address, phone number, gender, birthday, password, etc.
  • The things you do– what do you usually do when you have nothing to do? Google something interesting? Go through the latest news? Ask for delicious recipes? Watch a movie? So, anything you do from visiting different websites to watching videos, everything is under surveillance!
  • Uploading anything– Are you uploading photos or videos to your Google account? Well, this is tracked by Google. Also, every single person has a Gmail account and there is a massive amount of incoming and outgoing emails, isn’t it? Everything you upload via Google account will be kept with Google.

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How to delete the data?

Of course, you were waiting for this section.

If you do not wish to let anyone know what you were doing while your boss was not around then deleting the data seems safe and secured. Thanks to Google. It has made the process pretty easy.

The very first step is to go to myactivity.google.com. Here you need to log in to your Google account. Find the data you want to delete and then click on the three dots that you will find at the top right-hand side of the post. You will get the delete option here. You may also delete your history entirely.

One more good news!

If you do not want Google to keep an eye on certain searches you make, you do so by customizing it. Go to myaccount.google.com/activitycontrols and customize the things you don’t want Google to remember.

If you do not wish Google to track your location history then you may do so by customizing it. Google will definitely warn you if you turn off the searches. The reason is simple. Did you ever notice that when you type something in the search bar, Google always offers a suggestion before you complete the typing? This is because your searches are saved by Google and on the basis of that Google offers suggestions.

Now that you know how to delete data on Google, go ahead and let Google not know what you are up to!


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