Justin Trudeau Scrambles After Making “Separate” Comment

Justin Trudeau Open to Quebec Independence

Justin Trudeau says he was caught off guard and lost his cool when he was asked in a radio interview on Sunday if he recognizes Stephen Harper’s Canada.

His answer surprised many when Trudeau answered the question by saying that if Canada is not going to stand by abortion and gay marriage then he would like Quebec to be a country.

On Sunday, Trudeau, a Montreal MP, told his Radio-Canada host: “I always say, if at a certain point, I believe that Canada was really the Canada of Stephen Harper — that we were going against abortion, and we were going against gay marriage, and we were going backwards in 10,000 different ways — maybe I would think about making Quebec a country.”

Twitter and other social networking sites were ablaze across the country with comments by shocked citizens who wanted to know how liberal Trudeau could make such statements being that his father Pierre Trudeau was a federalist.

“This guy is clearly self-indulgent; he really does think everything is about him and his feelings,” Barry Cooper, a political theorist at the University of Calgary, said Tuesday in commenting on statements Trudeau made in a recent French-language interview. “That’s a measure of his lightweight status in the firmament of deep-thinking Liberals.”

Reportedly, Trudeau refused to do any further interviews but did tweet on Tuesday that Quebec is needed to bring balance between his vision for Canada and Harper’s vision for the country.

Justin Trudeau also spoke to pool reporters to try to explain that he loves his country and that his comments were misunderstood.

Justin Trudeau Explains His Wish To Separate Statement
Justin Trudeau Explains His Wish To Separate Statement

60 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Scrambles After Making “Separate” Comment

    1. Now now, calm down. Not because you can’t speak a second language that you have to bitch about 30% of the Canadian population. And wake up, French Canadians are as Canadian as any other. What if our views are different? I bet most of you don’t even get along with members of your own family. Lastly, if your so great, become a politician and show the rest of this great nation how easy it is.

      1. Learn to spell. It’ll make your statements carry more weight. Also it is not language, but ego that makes Quebec the thorn in Canada’s side.

  1. Hey Justin, I think the most of the rest of Canada want you to be your own country!. your own currency, your own politics, your own economy – NO $$ FROM CANADA – PLEASE LET THE REST OF US VOTE NEXT TIME TOO,!!!!

    1. I sooooo agree to this statement!! Let them go, try and be your own Country, definetly no help from Canada!!!!!!!!! It’s bad enough with the amount of our tax dollars that are spent toward all the bilingual signage etc!!!!!!!! Why Why Why!!!!! Fed up English born canadian!!!!

    2. I agree, Brian. I don’t think we need Quebec. Let them try and make it on their own and yes, I would like a vote next time also!

      1. Why does any mention of Quebec separation lead to some drawn out argument of English vs. French? Do people not even realize that there are French Canadians outside of Quebec? What do you think would happen to the rights of non-Quebec French Canadians if Quebec separated? We’d be left out to dry, in no better situation than the Mexicans in the US.

    3. Canada needs Quebec as much as they need us. You think that we as a nation can survive as a broken nation? Do you think that Quebec can get along by itself with a language different from the country that gave them up?? We have to be a nation working for the common good. Not one so caught up in the stupid questions that only serve us and not the nation. What do you think?

  2. Thanks to people like you and your father we have massive constitutional problems. Language police in Quebec handing out fines for English signs yet the rest of Canada is taxed to pay for Official Bilingualism. Take your Quebec and go……but you assume your share of the debt, you don’t use our dollar, you don’t use our healthcare or military. We are a democratic country…….give the rest of Canada a say in this……

    1. I agree wholeheartedly! As far as I’m concerned, I’ll trade Quebec for Montana but I don’t think there will be any takers as we would get the best of that deal!

  3. He probably feels he has walked in his father’s shadow long enough – however, this is not the way to escape that.His father did a lot of damage to this country but standing up to Quebec was one of his better moments. I agree with the comment that this is the talk of a teenager, not the stuff that people you want to lead our country.

  4. Maybe he is right .one this is for sure this coluntry is heading towards a ” benevolent dictatorship ”
    under ” Benito Harperlini “

  5. Quebec is needed by the rest of the Country. It is a primary port of entry and the rest of us would not do so great without them.
    Also, his is making a statement about Values and how strongly he feels about the topics…I agree with him that we all need to stand by these decisions.

    1. There are many other places that have ports in Canada that are far better off to deal with than Quebec. As a truck driver dealing with there ports is a nightmare!!! Like everything else about Quebec they treat english speaking Canadians with no respect and plain ignorance. Let them go and see which eastern province’s ports benefit from them leaving.

      1. Considering that, if Quebec separates, the Atlantic Provinces would be completely isolated from the rest of Canada, I doubt any Atlantic Canadian ports would benefit. On top of that, Atlantic Canada would most likely be left with no choice but become a separate country, join Quebec, or join the US.

  6. Seriously? no wonder there are still major issues between Quebec and the rest of the country. what the hell happened to just getting along huh? i’m a proud French-Canadian, happy to be bilingual (because you know…learning another language does not make you stupid….not wanting to learn another language though is). All this stupid prejudice between the French and the English is way over-rated. Isn’t it time we all get over it and get along? We teach our children not be biased, not to be racist, but I read the comments above and you know what I see, alot of angry, uneducated biased opinions. Lets grow up a little. Switzerland has 7… yes 7 official languages, do you hear the German saying “i dont want to learn Italian..Italians are stupid, let them stay in their part of the country and leave me alone”…nope..what you have is kids that speak 4 different languages at the age of 5 and go somewhere in life.

    1. Karen…Don’t Know Why You Used Italian’s As Your Main Objective, As History Has Demonstrated The World Has Learned A Lot From Their Culture And Pioneers. But Never The Less The Point That Most People Here Are Trying To Convey Is Exactly That. “To Leave Things The Way They Are”.
      We Don’t Want Change….

  7. Mr. Trudeau, you are an idiot for which unfortunatly, there is no cure. We have enough idiots, most much older than you. but idiots none the less! We certainly do need anymore. Please leave Canada.

    Quebec, please leave! You have been part of Canada for way too long for all the good you have ever done. Leave, in the name of anything you hold sacared, leave, please, leave now.

    Thank you in advance.

  8. Why all the negativity among fellow Canadians? Did you all miss his point? Canada is being steered away from being a centrist nation with core values about, health, education, freedom of expression and individual liberty.
    In that context he made his comments about Quebec separating. But Quebec is not the only Province fed up with Confederation. Our national and provincial policies suck among all the governing parties.

    1. Ernesto….I Think The Question You Should Ask Yourself Is:

      Will JT Fight Till The Bitter End To Keep Quebec From Separating?

      1. Justin Trudeau is more than just the spoiled son of a great Canadian Prime Minister. He is his own person and is doing a very patriotic thing by reflecting how frustrated many younger people feel in and out of Quebec about the attack on mainstream Canadian culture and core values. For that he gets my praise not condemnation. And yes I believe, like his father he is a federalist who recognizes we are a diverse nation within nations but all Canadians first and foremost at the end of the day.

        1. Ernesto, you really should do a little research. First, P.E.T. was a closet separatist according to his own friends. Don’t believe me, then why didn’t his family sue when they published the biography on P.E.T.

          The only difference between father & son is that Justin was dumb enough to go public with his separatist beliefs.

  9. I believe all his statement meant was that he’d rather live in an independent Quebec then in a Canada shaped into Harper’s neo facist vision. I agree and I live in P.E.I.

  10. I was around when Trudeau the Dad was around…It was nothing but complaints from fellow western Canadians about Trudeau…we hated the man…The Liberals tried to tell us what a great guy he was and was admired throughout the world…I travel a lot and Canada was laughed at a lot with this idiot in charge..He was treated as a non entity in the USA…The USA dont like the French and Canada was on the back burner for favours etc until TI rudeau disappeared…1% of the BC population speak French in thier homes as thier native language but we have to have the language and culture rammed down our throats….many people pray for the day that Quebec secedes from Canada but it never will because the more they moan the more they get…Harper is doing a great job despite the idiots that the Liberal French dominated keep throwing up to challenge him in the elections….300 million Chinese are now learning English ..its the future..!!

    1. Speaking more than one language expands your boundaries. You should try it. I am proud to be in a bilingual Canada. You could always move to the States. They speak only English there.

      1. Oh fellow Canuck, you know the U.S. is a melting-pot of languages just like Canada, don’t you? Yes they have one official language, but that doesn’t mean everyone in New York, Miami, or New Orleans speak English as their primary language. But why the obsession of Canadians to attack the U.S. every time we have a relapse of our identity crisis. We should accept Canada for what it is based on our history and accept that Quebec is a big part of the package fighting against Stephen Harper. They will ultimately be a huge help to the Federal Liberals rising again, and even Alberta’s oil money can’t buy those votes.

        1. Once Again It Appears That Someone Is Not Really Doing Their Homework, No Gold Star For You Ernesto.

          American’s Second Language Is Spanish.

          And To Seriouslssues, You can Learn More Than One Language Anywhere In The World, But I Wouldn’t Want To Be Held Hostage To Anyone Of Them…..

  11. I’m All For Cutting The Umbilical Cord From These Cry Babies. Let Them Go, And Watch Them Come Crawling Back 10 Years Later Crying For Help.
    And Once Their Left Defenseless, The American’s Can Step in and Make Them A State…..LoL

  12. David S. LeFebvre

    - Edit

    I respect Justin’s commitment to Quebec and this country and I share his frustration with the Harper Tories’ vision of Canada.
    I recall Albertans similar comments when his father was PM.
    I too do not want to see this country (and BC) go in the direction of Harper’s party- a country that wants to ape everything bad about America. So smarten up you anti Quebec and Trudeau harpers.

  13. Ernesto,
    You are right about Quebec not being the only province fed up with our current situation, But the rest of us are fed up with Quebec and their inability to pay for then privilege of being part of Canada, without constantly threatening to leave Canada, with their hand looking for more money. The Trudeaus have done enough damage to this country. Justin, take your entitlement, and begone.

  14. By the look of Justin he might think he is the second comming of Sir John A Mac, the hair, the facial expressions, too bad he wants to separate rather than unify as Sir John did

  15. That is NOT what he said…he said that he could/would understand the separatists wanting again to separate if “Harper’s” vision of Canada came to pass…I agree…

  16. Liberals should keep this guy as an MP but should not think of him as PM in future. If he can talk like this – the very Immigrants who regard his father for a good Canadian will hate him for his small thinking.

  17. Everyone has an opinion and they all seem to be negative. Its so easy to cast blame elsewhere. Politics is messy. Rather than critize why not try to do something meaningful to effect change?

  18. What? I agree with him. We’re supposed to be a modern democracy not some haven for religious nutcases. Ahhh..well what can you do when you live in a shoe…stay in Montreal – it’s the only place to be…

    1. a "religious nutcase"

      - Edit

      What? I disagree with him. We’re supposed to be a modern democracy, perhaps even wiser and better informed and maybe even BROADMINDED. Yes, people who can accept there are religious people who don’t agree with everything JT says. WOW! How ’bout dat?

  19. I can’t think of a more oportunistic politician in caucus today than JT. He certainly has the self love his father had, and the shortsightedness of the “modern” thinker who sees killing Canadians in utero as just another right. One day people will look back and wonder just how the hell anyone thought this was “ok”. But then again, we still have nazis & bigots floating around…

  20. I was born in Quebec and live in Quebec and want to say to the rest of Canada that not all Quebecers are separatists.Yes,we have our problems just like every province has theirs,but I,m proud to be a Canadian and proud to live in a city with a soul,MONTREAL.I invite all of you to come down in the summertime and check it out for yourselves… you are in for a great time and you shall see that here,people are cool,a cosmopolitan european touch.
    a quebecer,
    who loves to be Canadian

  21. Justin made a mistake. I have never made one- nor have all the hateful anti Quebecers that simply want to perpetuate their forfathers hatred to empower themselves with emptiness.Our country is in fantastic shape with Harper.I can always tell a worthless hatemonger but yyou can’t tell’em much bacause they can’t comprehend much anyway, so why waste the energy.
    By the way I’m a Liberal and I don’t hate Harper, but I’m indifferent to Justin because he hasn’t qualified himself yet. Happy to be a handsome, sexy Canadian.

    1. Denis……Lets Hope Your Sexy, Handsome Looks Compensate For Your Smartness….LoL
      MISTAKE ”I Have Never Made One”?
      I Can Think Of One Right Now…..LoL

  22. Dividing a nation over personal beliefs and convictions is as irrational as same sex marriages and abortions, yet we as Canadians accept these conditions because we believe in the individual freedom and rights of every Canadian.

  23. All these bloody politician are all the same stupid ass when they start opening their mounth speaking their mind in public.

  24. JT shows himself to be a complete fool in this episode. The burying of the BQ under a hailstorm of NDP last cycle shows that modern Quebecois put no significance in Sovereignty. Those who lived through QC’s own “troubles” of the 60s/70s do not want to go back to that sorry chapter. Just what political advantage he was hoping to gain by this is unclear; a Quebec MP talking secession is about as off-putting as similar talk from a South Carolina Congress-critter.

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