Woman 19 crucified to expel demons France: Reports

Woman 19 crucified to expel demons
Woman 19 crucified to expel demons
19-Year-Old Crucified to a Bed to Expel Her Inner Demon

Metro Paris, France – in the southern Paris suburban city of Grigny, known for some of the highest rates of poverty & crime in the entire department of Essonne, a 19-year-old woman from Cameroon was believed to be possessed by her ex-boyfriend Eric Deron.

Deron, who believes himself to be a prophet on a mission from God, along with three others bound the victim to a bed in the manner in which Christ was said to be crucified and kept that in that position for seven days to expel the demon which had taken possession of her. All four captors are former members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church which devoutly believe that the Sunday as the Christian day of worship is the work of the devil. They are now on trial for various crimes associated with the abduction and treatment of the victim.

When the victim was rescued by police officers, she was in a state of malnutrition having been denied any nourishment aside from rations of water and oil. Officers stated that the victim showed signs of being beaten, a charge the four accused deny committing.

All four captors are from the Caribbean and testified that they believed the victim to be demonically possessed when she leapt onto Deron speaking incomprehensibly. By other standards, she may just have been ticked off.

The trial is due to run until Friday.

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