Doria Tillier: Weathergirl’s naked forecast turns heads: VIDEO

Doria Tillier knows how to hold the interest of her many viewers. This French weather reporter made headlines when she conducted a live broadcast clothed only in her “birthday suit”. Leave it to the French to make a simple weather report into a sensational headline that is generating a huge amount of interest around the world.

Tiller had promised to give a “naked forecast” in the event that France would make it to the World Cup playoffs. Perhaps someone gave the team a “head’s-up” concerning Tiller’s brash promise. France had just lost 2-0 during the first leg, but the gritty players mounted a ferocious comeback and triumphed in the second-leg 3-0.

The weathergirl had probably considered that the game was over when the first leg scores were made official. It is unlikely that she could have foreseen the dramatic finish that would put France on top. This thrilling play-off took place at Stade de France, but it was that Wednesday weather report that would trump the sports headlines.

Doria appeared on live television exactly as she had promised. In the nude, and nothing but the nude. Oh, wait! The weather girl did wear boots. Not that anyone was exactly studying her choice of footwear. Now, let’s all raise a toast to this uniquely French experience as we wonder if Doria Tillier will make another promise in regard to the World Cup finals.

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