MH17: New wreckage and human remains found by Australian investigators

Australians Make Addition Wreckage and Humane Remain Finds from MH17

Grabovo, Ukraine – A small contingent of the dozen investigators examining the crash site of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 is from Australia. Investigators operate under the direction of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The Australian contingent of the team consists of a pair of diplomats and a forensic expert from the Australian police department. Despite their small numbers, the three Aussies found two additional sites containing vital wreckage from the downed airplane and more human remains. A spokesman for OSCE confirmed the finding of two additional sites. The findings were made on back-to-back days.

The plane wreckage that was discovered is significant as it forms the largest pieces of the plane that have been recovered thus far. Some of the wreckage was from the fuselage. It was found in a nearby forest one kilometer from the impact site. The fuselage section still had windows intact and contained multiple holes similar to machine gun fire. The wreckage will be essential in determining what exactly happened to the flight.

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The Australians in the investigative team are starting to hit their stride just as two more are expected to join the team. Concerns remain about the security of the area part of which is farm land. The fear is that farmers will unwittingly destroy key evidence or at the least disturb crime scenes in their quest to operate combine harvesters in the area.

Security will be improving significantly now that Holland is officially in charge of the investigation. The Dutch will be arriving within three days to replace Russian security. Fifty additional police officers are in London awaiting UN authorization to travel to the Ukraine to boost security. Some Dutch security personnel expressed difficulty recovering human remains due to pro-Russian fanatics in the area, but the OSCE denies any such incidents.

Photos of Deadly Crash Emerge

Photos reportedly showing the crash site — even some of bodies scattered on a field — began appearing on Twitter close to an hour after initial reports of the incident.

Here’s one from Russia Today:

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MH17: New wreckage and human remains found by Australian investigators