Cop Killed In Ambush In West Virginia

According to USA Today, 19 out of 50 police officers are killed in ambush-style attacks. It’s a dangerous occupation and recent news stories only corroborate that fact.

One instance of this happened in West Virginia, where a sheriff–Walter E. Crum–was gunned down in his car. Assailed as he ate lunch, Crum was shot in the head by Tennis Melvin Maynard, 37, who parked his car next to Crum’s and fired several times through the window. Maynard was later chased down by several deputies, being wounded himself in the process. Motives remained unclear at the time of his arrest.

And most recently, on May 25th, 2013, Jason Ellis–a K-9 officer with the Bardstown Police Department–was slain in an attack that many are calling premeditated. Driving back home from work, he came to a stop at 2:53 AM to investigate debris left on the road. It was here that tragedy struck: shot several times as he cleared the debris off the highway, his body was later found by a passing motorist. With no witnesses, the police have turned to the community for assistance.

Sadly, the number of those will slain will only grow as the months pass.

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