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Bastian Lehmann Swears At Customer in Email, Says “F” Off



Bastian Lehmann Swears At Customer in Email, Says "F" Off

[caption id="attachment_70288" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Bastian Lehmann Swears At Customer in Email, Says "F" Off Bastian Lehmann Swears At Customer in Email, Says "F" Off[/caption]An Unhappy Customer Gets Insulted by CEO

The San Francisco-based delivery service, Postmates, has experienced an extremely unlucky bout of accidental e-mails between its CEO, employees, and an unhappy customer. Bastian Lehmann, founder and CEO of Postmates, had received reports of a complaint from customer Erin Boudreau. The response to this complaint has sparked an outrage from the customer and has been followed up by a series of apologies from the CEO and company.

Boudreau had sent in a complaint via e-mail to the company regarding her past orders. CEO Lehmann replied to an e-mail with an outline on how to resolve Boudreau's issue, but he forgot to remove the part of the e-mail that was meant for employee eyes only. The portion of the e-mail that Lehmann wrote as a joke advised that "Someone also please tell her to f*** off."

Erin Boudreau took the issue to Twitter, to reveal Bastian Lehmann's "major lapse in judgement" to the world. Lehmann responded to Boudreau's tweets with a string of apologies and an apology was also posted to the company's official blog. In his apologies, Lehmann suggests that the joke was taken out of context and he was having a long day, but he also agrees that there is no excuse for this type of behavior. Erin Boudreau has since accepted Bastian Lehmann's apology, but still seems to hold the company with some contempt.

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