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Toilet Themed Restaurant open for Business (PHOTO)



[caption id="attachment_72052" align="aligncenter" width="500"]America's toilet themed restaurant open for business America's toilet themed restaurant open for business[/caption]
First US Toilet-Themed Restaurant Opens

Los Angeles County, California - Everyone expects a restaurant to have a toilet where patrons may relieve themselves. The toilets are expected to be clean and fresh smelling. In fact, the toilets should be clean enough to eat off of. Well, at the Magic Restaurant that is precisely the case because patrons sit and eat their meals at specially designed toilets (Ew!).

If that wasn't enough, the menu items are named to promote fecal themes such as "black poop" dessert, "golden poop rice", or "bloody number two" the latter focused on a menstrual theme. Does the restaurant owner not understand that patrons are supposed to eat not spew their food? The fecal themed food items are served in mini-toilet bowl bowls.

America's toilet themed restaurant 2

According to LA Eater:

If the imported miniature toilet bowl ceramicware used extensively by the restaurant doesn't offend you, imagine it filled with goopy brown curry. If diarrhea-looking food swimming in a toilet bowl still doesn't offend, understand the dish is named signature "golden poop" rice. Order correctly (chicken wings, Taiwanese sausage, fried tofu), and the food arrives in a miniature floor commode which was the stuff of nightmares for Western backpackers in Asia in the past.

Thus far, the restaurant carries a 3-star rating at Yelp, but that isn't due to the cleanliness of the toilets/dining area. Apparently, the restaurant's service is a bit slow or constipated. Those desiring this most unique eating experience will enter the main area of the venue to find toilets lined up against the wall along with the wall hanging units found in men's room. The grand opening is set to occur at the end of this month.

America's toilet themed restaurant

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