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Dominos Vegan Pizza: Israelis To Get Vegan Pizza



Dominos Vegan Pizza: Israelis To Get Vegan Pizza

[caption id="attachment_76240" align="aligncenter" width="624"]Dominos Vegan Pizza: Israelis To Get Vegan Pizza Dominos Vegan Pizza: Israelis To Get Vegan Pizza[/caption]Israeli Audience Demands Vegan Pizza from Domino's

American customers may like their Domino's pizza delivered loaded with plenty of meats and cheeses. But in Israel, enough customers asked for a dairy-free version of Domino's pizza that the chain's retail operations throughout that country have agreed to offer a special vegan pizza.

The family-size pie, topped with a variety of vegetables and a soy-based topping in place of cheese, costs about $20. Vegan Friendly, a non-profit group that promotes a vegan lifestyle for Israelis, launched a Facebook campaign to get Domino's to begin offering the new vegan pizza option.

Domino's has about 50 stores located throughout Israel, part of more than 10,000 pizza-making operations situated in countries around the world.

“Israel is leading the vegan revolution around the world, and this is another indication,” said Vegan Friendly Director Omri Paz. The vegan pizza will use a soy-based topping with vegetables instead of dairy cheese.

Although Domino's officials in the U.S. are taking note of the menu changes taking place in Israel, they haven't decided that American interest is strong enough yet to inspire a similar vegan pizza option here. It seems that Domino's pizzas loaded with cheese, such as the Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza and a pizza featuring a crust that is cheese-stuffed are among the most popular sellers in the United States. In fact, Americans have some of the highest cheese consumption in the world, averaging more than 30 pounds annually.

Vegan Pizza In Canada

Though some sites are reporting that this is first, here in Canada, you have plenty of vegan choices when ordering pizza.

- Pizza Pizza and Pizza Nova crusts and sauces are vegan. East Side Mario's crust is vegan and their Napolitana and Arrabbiata sauces are vegan (but their other sauces contain chicken stock).

- Little Cesar's pizza crust and sauce are vegan.

- Papa John's pizza sauce is vegan, and their standard crust is vegan but their thin crust is not.

- Pizza Hut sauce is vegan and they have some vegan crust options: Thin N' Crispy, XL Big House, Italian Bistro, "4ForAll" and Sicilian style. Their other crusts contain milk.

- Domino's thin crust is vegan (their standard crust has whey in it and the other crust options contain animal products also). Their regular pizza sauce is vegan, but the "hearty marinara" contains cheese and chicken fat. Their BBQ sauce is vegan, though.

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Dominos Vegan Pizza: Israelis Sway Domino's To Make Vegan Pizza

Dominos Vegan Pizza

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