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Ryan Seacret’s Typo Company Fights Back Against Canada’s Blackberry Lawsuit




Ryan Seacret's Typo Company Fights Back Against Canada's Blackberry Lawsuit

[caption id="attachment_77151" align="aligncenter" width="473"]Ryan Seacret's Typo Company Fights Back Against Canada's Blackberry Lawsuit Ryan Seacret's Typo Company Fights Back Against Canada's Blackberry Lawsuit[/caption]Ryan Seacret's Typo Company Fights Back Against Blackberry Lawsuit

It seems that part of the reversal of fortune cell-phone maker Blackberry is aiming for will be litigation. The company located in Waterloo, Ontario, is suing the iPhone keyboard company Typo for patent infringement. Blackberry is asking the courts to halt Typo's ability to sell their forthcoming keyboard case for the iPhone 5 and hand over all their profits to Blackberry. In short, Blackberry is aiming to squash Typo like a bug.

Typo is backed by American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and their iPhone keyboard is a nifty little case into which an iPhone can be laid and suddenly have a robust QWERTY keyboard. However, Typo will not be steamrolled and is fighting back. They have produced documentation to show that the basic keyboard they are using dates back to 1870 and was visibly present on Smith Corona typewriters decades ago. They have also stated that no user would confuse an iPhone-only keyboard with a product from Blackberry.

If anything, Typo is claiming to have copied the design for their keyboard from the original 1870 patent which has long since expired. Blackberry is alleging that Typo is trying to capitalize from their pioneering efforts with the QWERTY keyboard.

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Ryan Seacrest company Typo fires back at BlackBerry over iPhone case suit

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