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Wife’s Advice lotto win: Calgary Man Wins Big Playing The Lottery



Wife's Advice lotto win: Calgary Man Wins Big Playing The Lottery

[caption id="attachment_65850" align="aligncenter" width="430"]Wife's Advice lotto win: Calgary Man Wins Big Playing The Lottery Wife's Advice lotto win: Calgary Man Wins Big Playing The Lottery[/caption]Canadian Man has Wife to Thank for $15.8 Million Lottery Prize

Chad Klepaychuk of Alberta has his wife to thank for encouraging him to purchase a quick pick that ended up with him being in a four-way split for a $64.4 million lottery prize. Klepaychuk was originally intent on buying his Lotto 6-49 ticket on Saturday, April 13. However, on the way to his brother's house he decided against making the purchase which was hours before the winner would be chosen at random.

His wife encouraged him to purchase a ticket regardless, and he listened. Now, their life has changed.

The following day, he watched the telly to see who won, and the announcer said a winning ticket had been sold in Alberta and the numbers were those on his ticket.

"We were watching the news the next morning, and they said there was a winner in Alberta, and showed the numbers," Klepaychuk said Wednesday at a news conference.

"I checked the ticket and saw we had all the numbers. I was in complete disbelief."

However, Klepaychuk was stunned by the win and waited a fortnight before presenting his ticket. He says he wanted to grasp the reality of what had happened.

“I needed to wrap my head around what it meant.”

When asked the obligatory questions as to what he intends to do with the money, Klepaychuk said he's not sure but perhaps he'd like to be a bit of "snow bird" and buy a condominium somewhere along the ocean during the cold months. Needless to say, Klepaychuk and his wife will have many fun choices to make in the days to come.

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