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Teacher Travis Lechien Accused of Taking Students to Strip Bar



Travis Lechien. Source: Facebook Source: Supplied

[caption id="attachment_72563" align="alignleft" width="650"]Travis Lechien. Source: Facebook Source: Supplied Travis Lechien. Source: Facebook Source: Supplied
Cedar Lake, Indiana - Officials at the Hanover Central High School in this conservative town of 11,000 residents have dismissed their science instructor Travis Lechien for taking students to a strip bar in the neighboring city of Hammond to celebrate the birthday of one of his pupils. It is also reported that he served up drinks to students at his home.

Officials became aware of the incidents following complaints they received (not from the students who were invited to the party). Apparently, a fellow teacher ratted out his colleague after hearing the rumors buzzing among the students.

Lechien is a veteran instructor of ten years at the school. It is believed that he has been having students over his house regularly to enjoy spirits and smoke flavored tobacco.

Police have charged him with three misdemeanor accounts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Lechien is expected to plead not guilty when formally arraigned according to his defense attorney. The charges may result in a one year sentence for each count if convicted.

As for the school, they have placed Lechien on administrative leave without pay which is as close as they can come to firing the teacher given collective bargaining protections.

Hanover Superintendent Tom Taylor told The Northwest Indiana Times while he has not received any calls or complaints from parents, he says he hopes the community understands the school board acted swiftly with "student safety" in mind.

None of the students involved were reprimanded or punished, Taylor said.

"I think the issue here is with the adult involved," he said.

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