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Rob Ford Reality TV Show Ford Nation Airs On Sun



Credits: Dave Thomas/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency

[caption id="attachment_74066" align="aligncenter" width="431"]Credits: Dave Thomas/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency THE ROB AND DOUG FORD BROTHERS ARRIVE TO TAPE THEIR NEW SHOW, FORD NATION AT SUN NEWS NETWORK ON SUNDAY NOV. 17, 2013. Credits: Dave Thomas/Toronto Sun/QMI Agency[/caption]Ford's Reality TV-Show, Ford Nation, A Large Dose of 'Truth'

Some politician's use their experiences to work on Wall Street, others become lobbyists and some, like Toronto's crack-smoking Mayor, get their own television show.

'Ford Nation', an hour-long Sun News Network talk-show, hosted by disgraced Canadian pol, Robert Ford, aired Monday night. On it, the rotund official listed grievances against the press and stated he was a changed man who was “looking forward”.

Accused of all manner of illicit and illegal addictions, including crack cocaine use, involvement with prostitutes and public drunkenness, Ford adamantly denied being a drug addict or alcoholic. He mentioned only his work with “a team of medical professionals” who, as he stated, were "guiding me and helping me out.”

Filmed over the weekend, Ford's show premiered Monday, hours after the Toronto Council voted to strip him of a host of mayoral powers. Refusing to step down, Ford has vowed to run for another term, even professing interest in one day becoming Prime Minister.

Elected in 2010, Ford came in on a host of issues like curtailing government spending and resolving labor disputes, a record he considers larger than any of the skeletons in his closet, most of which he says now, happened “a long time” ago.

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