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Doug Ford Rob Ford Isn’t Homophobic, He Has Gay Friends



Doug Ford Rob Ford Isn't Homophobic, He Has Gay Friends

[caption id="attachment_58634" align="aligncenter" width="368"]Doug Ford Rob Ford Isn't Homophobic, He Has Gay Friends Doug Ford Rob Ford Isn't Homophobic, He Has Gay Friends[/caption]Rob Ford may not be Gay-Friendly Mayor

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, is being called out as homophobic after he said he refused to attend a Pride Parade that was held in the city. It was not only this refusal that has people believing that the mayor might not be too Gay friendly. He also recently attempted to have a rainbow flag removed from outside city hall. The flag was placed there in support of gay athletes who are competing in the winter Olympics.

Ford was not successful in his bid to have the flag removed because, reports state, it was not his decision to make. He told newspaper reporters that he did not feel that the flag was necessary because the Olympics is not about sexual orientation, but, about the games themselves. In response to the refusal by the city to remove the rainbow flag, the mayor placed the national flag in his office window.

His brother, councillor Doug Ford, insists that the mayor is not homophobic, citing the fact that the he has many gay friends.

“He’s not homophobic,” the councillor said. “He has friends who are gay. He just chooses not to go.”

Ford has had some trouble during his tenure as mayor. He admitted to smoking crack cocaine, stating that it was an isolated incident, and it wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately, he was later caught at a fast food restaurant slurring his words and swearing in a foreign accent.

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