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Napanee Shooting Rampage Victim Identified



An Ontario Provincial Police truck idles outside the house of the alleged shooter in a string of incidents Wednesday night that left two people dead in Tamworth, Ont. (Chloe Fedio/CBC)

[caption id="attachment_80370" align="alignleft" width="570"]6 crime scenes involved in small-town shootings, according to Ontario Provincial Police 6 crime scenes involved in small-town shootings, according to Ontario Provincial Police
[/caption]The victim killed during Wednesday’s shooting rampage in the town of Tamworth has been identified by Napanee police. Charles Thomas, age 70. was allegedly shot by a 59 year old man. The shooter was later found dead by police.

During this rampage two other individuals were wounded. Fortunately their injuries are not life threatening.

Currently the shooting is being investigated by the provincial Special Investigations Unit. This unit specializes in cases resulting in serious injuries and/or death. The identity of the shooter has not been released to the public. It is believed that this rampage occurred as a result of a trapping dispute.

Although the name of the shooter has not been released by authorities, local residents and the Napanee Guide has identified the man as Morton Lewis. Residents reported that after Thomas was killed, Lewis went to the post office where he pointed a gun at an employee. Soon after Lewis left the post office he shot local firefighter, Chase Wayte, in the arm and later rammed his truck into another vehicle, smashed the window of the car and choked the woman inside.

Twenty minutes after these violent incidents, a police officer stopped a car in connection with a man wanted for “a string of violent incidents during the day.” As the officer was approaching the car a gunshot was heard and the body of a 59 year old man, believed to be Lewis, was found in the bushes.

Police were not involved in the death of the alleged shooter.

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